Børnemusik: Volume 1


Children's dances for the Scandinavian Festival in Junction City, Oregon. Arrangements by Alice Blankenship and Michael Anderson, performed by Høstedans: Alice Blankenship Violin, Michael Anderson Clarinet, RuthAnne Fraley Accordion, and Sean Peterson, Bass. Recorded at the Shedd Institute, Eugene, OR, June 2020.

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Shoemaker's Dance

Alice Blankenship/Høstedans

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This children's dance from Denmark portrays a Shoemaker, creating a pair of leather shoes. With tapping fists, stamping feet and turning in circles, very young children learn good coordination in this fun dance.

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Børnemusik, Volume 1


Arranged in the iconic "folk-classical" style reminiscent of Gunnar Hahn/Gordon Tracie's landmark recording of 1968, with a touch of original color. These are cherished dances for the youngest dancers, and all those young at heart!

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Photographs by Brittany Buhler photography